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Paper Size:

A4 8.27”X 11.69”; Single Column

Top Margin: 1.5”; Bottom: 1”; Left: 1”; Right: 1”; Gutter: 0.0; Gutter Position: Left.

Header and Footer: 4”


Line Spacing:

1.15 whole paper, Spacing: Before: 0 pt., After: 0 pt.


Font Size:

Title: 14 pt., Upper and Lower Case, Bold and Centered.

Author Name (s): 12 pt., Upper and Lower Case, Bold and Centered.

Affiliation: 11 pt., Upper and Lower Case, Centered.

Abstract: 10 pt. justify.

Key Words: 10 pt., Number of keywords 3 to 5.

Headings: 12 pt., Upper and Lower Case Bold and Justify.

Text: 12 pt., Justify.

Mathematical Expressions: Using Microsoft Equation 3.0,

               Sizes: Full: 12 pt., Subscript/Superscript: 7 pt.,

               Sub-Subscript/Superscript: 5 pt., Symbol: 18 pt., Sub-Symbol: 12 pt.


Table and Figure:

Table and Figure Captions: below, 10 pt. centered, Bold, Table text-8 pt. centered (in case of numeric value), justify (in case of text). Figure should be at least 300 dpi



Arranged in alphabetic order, limited, most relevant to the research work and cited (Cai et al., 2001; Xing and Dugan, 2002) in the paper as APA style i.e.


Journal paper:

Cai, K. Y., Cai, L., Wang, W. D., Yu, Z. Y., & Zhang, D. (2001). On the neural network approach in software reliability modeling. Journal of Systems and Software, 58(1), 47-62.


Xing, L., & Dugan, J. B. (2002). Analysis of generalized phased-mission system reliability, performance, and sensitivity. Reliability, IEEE Transactions on, 51(2), 199-211.


Conference paper:

Reibman, A., & Zaretsky, H. (1990, December). Modeling fault coverage and reliability in a fault-tolerant network. In Global Telecommunications Conference, 1990, and Exhibition.'Communications: Connecting the Future', GLOB.


Book chapter:

Kostyuchenko, Y. V. (2015). Geostatistics and remote sensing for extremes forecasting and disaster risk multi-scale analysis. In Numerical Methods for Reliability and Safety Assessment (pp. 439-458). Springer International Publishing.



Cai, K. Y. (2012). Introduction to fuzzy reliability (Vol. 363). Springer Science & Business Media.


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